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Título Sedimentology and Stratigraphy. - 2a ediciónLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Nichols, Gary (Autor)
Publicación Singapur : Wiley Blackwell, 2009
Descripción Física x, 419 páginas : ilustraciones + 1 CD-ROM
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9781405135924
Clasificación(es) 551.3
Nota(s) Contenido: 1. Introduction: sedimentology and stratigraphy. -- 2. Terrigenous clastic sediments: gravel, sand and mud. -- 3. Biogenic, chemical and volcanogenic sediments. -- 4. Processes of transport and sedimentary structures. -- 5. Field sedimentology, facies and environments. -- 6. Continents: sources of sediment. -- 7. Glacial environments. -- 8. Aeolian environments. -- 9. Rivers and alluvial fans. -- 10. Lakes. -- 11. The marine realm: morphology and processes. -- 12. Deltas. -- 13. Clastic coasts and estuaries. -- 14. Shallow sandy seas. -- 15. Shallow marine carbonate and avaporite environments. -- 16. Deep marine environments. -- 17. Volcanic rocks and sediments. -- 18. Post-depositional structures and diagenesis. -- 19. Stratigraphy: concepts and lithostratigraphy. -- 20. Biostratigraphy. -- 21. Dating and correlation techniques. -- 22. Subsurface stratigraphy and sedimentology. -- 23. Sequence stratigraphy and sea-level changes. -- 24. Sedimentary basins.
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Resumen Sedimentary rocks contain the most important archive of environmental change through Earth history. They record changing climates, the movement of tectonicplates, and the rise and fall of sea level on timescales of a few thousand to billions of years. This fully revised and update edition introduces the reader to sedimentology and stratigraphic principles, and provides tools for the interpretation of sediments and sedimentary rocks. The processes of formation, transport and deposition of sediement are considered and then applied to develop conceptual models for the full range of sedimentary environments, from deserts to deep seas and reefs to rivers.
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